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Posted on: February 1, 2021

Avalon & Stone Harbor Beach

Everyone who lives around the East is familiar with the Jersey Shore. For many generations, families have spent their vacation time visiting shore towns during the summer months. The shore is always a few degrees cooler than temperatures inland, and this is one of many motives for people to travel over to the Jersey coast. More specifically, Avalon & Stone Harbor are considered a ‘gem’ on the east coast for numerous reasons. Off exit 13 on the garden state parkway, the pristine beaches and atmosphere are unmatched. There is truly something for everyone on this island. During the heat of the summer, there is no place you would rather be. Soaking up the sun on the beach, swimming in the ocean and bay, enjoying the breeze, and breathtaking views. It is effortless to understand why Avalon & Stone Harbor have become such popular destinations. 

Avalon & Stone Harbor, more than any other Jersey Shore town, have one of the most prevalent and extraordinary real estate markets. Over the years, real estate values in this area have increased significantly. The economic values are sincerely unmatched, in a unique market. There are truly unprecedented bayfront and oceanfront properties, which you can not find elsewhere. Most of the homes on the 7 Mile Island are only used during the summer months. These are secondary homes, which means the owners reside full time somewhere else in primary markets like the greater Philadelphia area, New York, and Washington D.C.



Here, people started the vacation trend into town as early as 1893! Avalon’s catchy motto “Cooler by a Mile” resides because the beach juts out into the ocean about a mile further than other barrier islands. Home to beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and a friendly community. Many visitors enjoy an active lifestyle with an abundance of outdoor activities including biking through town, swimming, boating, stand-up paddle boarding, and recreational sports. Both Avalon & Stone Harbor have historic downtown districts. Here you will find many restaurants and small retail businesses. As a consumer you can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment! Ideal for families, it is easy to keep your young children busy. 

Recreational facilities and complexes are found throughout Avalon and Stone Harbor: 8th - 12th Street & Dune Drive highlights baseball, softball, tennis, and basketball courts. The new surfside park can be found between 29th & 30th Streets and Avalon Ave. More basketball and Tennis courts are on 40th Street between Ocean and Dune drive. One of the most unique areas is the Kayak park, located bayside on 57th Street. Kayaks can be launched at any time of the year! Stone Harbor features a massive complex on 82nd Street.  This area boasts a recreational center, outdoor basketball court with lights, basketball court with covered pavilion, tennis courts, pickleball courts, a soccer & softball field, and a playground! Sport camps, youth clinics, and summer programs are very popular.



Properties near or on the beach are some of the most prestigious and valued properties at the Jersey Shore. Specifically in Avalon & Stone Harbor, you will find the most extraordinary and exceptional oceanfront homes. For decades, families on the East have traveled to the coast during the summer. Here on the 7 Mile Island, beaches have earned a reputation of being the cleanest and most pristine on the coast. This is a large reason why the values of oceanfront real estate are incredibly strong. Typically, real estate values strengthen towards the east, and likewise weaken with the properties more west. At the eastern tip of Avalon & Stone Harbor, the oceanfront real estate is at display. Today, land values are approximately 5 to 10 million dollars -- depending on location and size of the lot. These values come to be very surprising to people who are unfamiliar with the market. Real estate is actually a consumer driven market, meaning the value of the real estate is worth what someone is willing to pay for it at the time. Even though the price is very high, there is a high demand for these properties. There are only so many oceanfront properties that exist, and unfortunately no more can be created. This finite supply causes the rise in value. Ultimately, the incredible values derive from panoramic views of the beach from sunrise to sunset, they are truly breathtaking. The beach lovers enjoy living steps away from the sand’s edge. Many people explore all the activities offered in front of them, including swimming, surfing, stand-up paddle, kayaking, walking, and running. Arguably the best atmosphere for relaxation, dining, and entertaining. Few can afford to own this luxurious lifestyle, but many can experience the oceanfront life through weekly rentals. If you are interested to experience this incredible Avalon & Stone Harbor lifestyle -- Click Here to search our rental inventory, and secure your piece of paradise. Where new properties in Avalon & Stone Harbor are added regularly. Enjoy the relaxation of the sea breeze and view created by a unique oceanfront location.

On the other hand, some of Avalon & Stone Harbor’s finest properties reside on the bay.  The value of bayfront land in Avalon & Stone Harbor has dramatically increased over the years. We are seeing trends, and finding many owners moving away from the beach and toward the back bays. There is an element of solitude with the privacy included at these properties. The panoramic views are beautiful, unique, and plentiful. Arguably some of the most sought after real estate, we are seeing historic values on these properties. Many purchase bayfront property for the seemingly endless activities provided. These include boating, jet skis, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, water sports, and more! Approximately, the land values are nearing 3 million dollars at the lower end, and up to 6 million at the higher end. Rental properties on the bay are rare, but available. Contact us to find your bayfront rental for your best summer vacation.


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