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To many, Avalon and Stone Harbor is the gold standard of unprecedented beach living. For generations, this 7 Mile Island is cemented as the place to be at the Jersey Shore, especially during the summer. The unique charm and highly coveted real estate is truly unmatched. Our mission in this market has never wavered - we are dedicated to being the best, not the biggest. A company whose reputation is measured by the quality of its service and marketing. One who is known for excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Tim Kerr Sotheby's International Realty has been proudly serving buyers, sellers, and renters on the 7 Mile Island for over 3 decades. Our unrivaled growth year over year is a result of our commitment to excellence. Whatever owning a beach property means to you, our homegrown and talented team of agents/brokers are here to assist you during every step of your decision process. “Luxury” service goes beyond price points, we believe everyone deserves the best marketing, service, and professionalism!

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For those seeking exceptional results -- whether you’re looking to buy, rent or sell, our “luxury” service goes beyond price points. Our homegrown and highly qualified team can be trusted as a source for expert local knowledge. Everyone deserves the best experience with marketing, service, and professionalism!

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